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[what are trampolines made of]Original title★★-▪: Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xiangchen: Condemn US Protectionist Avanus Swiss Time On March 26, Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xian Chen at the WTO Cargo Trade Council speaking on the US 301 survey: condemning US protectionism act! The United States announced on March 22 to conclusions and measures to China, and China is resolutely opposed. The unilateral acting of the United States not only damages the interests of China and other members, but also causes serious damage to the multilateral trading system. The US practices violate the most basic spirit and principles of WTO (WTO), and the unilateral approach prohibited by •□▽”Disposal Solving Understanding” (DSU)=☆•. According to the WTO ruling and the United States commitment, the United States cannot pass the 301 investigation unilateral identification of other member practic.

Original title: Foreign media: Thai shipwreck accident has caused 33 people to be killed in China Citizens on July 5, on July 5□▼○▪, two ships contained in Phuket★•, Thailand, according to Phuket▪□==, Thailand The latest news of the Associated Press, as of now, the number of victims has risen to 33 people…▼, and all 23 people are missing●•■. According to early report, local time on July 5, at 5■▽□•:45 pm★○▼, there were 127 Chinese tourists on board, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that 78 Chinese tourists have rescued, 33 people missing•●□, 16 people were killed○•▽. ☆▼”Bangkok Post” reported that there were 105 people on the ◁▼▼★”Phoenix” of the boat, including 93 passengers, 12 crew and tour guides; 42 people on the other “Srinita”, of whi.

Original title: OFO small yellow car said that he was repeatedly attacked to 3.15 to combat online black public relations China Network Technology March 15th news…▽★◆, today, OFO small yellow car issued a statement through the official WeChat public number, called for strike network rumors and black public relations◇…★, and Innovative entrepreneurial fields to business and technology: refused to create a healthy public opinion and business environment. The Ofo Small Huang car said that the company has created the rumors attacks in three years, and it is likely to happen in any entrepreneurial☆○…, and Chinas innovative entrepreneurial environment is urgently needed to protect the same strength as consumer rights▲▽○◇. Ofo Xiaohuoli said in a statement that “every major development node●◁★, there is always a rumor▷■.” It is reported that since last year, the Internet continued to have a lot of rumors such as ○▲▪”funds chain break” in the Internet…☆■. Declarati△◇△?

Original title: Mahartil releases positive signals to China: support and participate in “a belt all the way■▪◆◁” construction reference news network August 3 reported Japan “Nursing News●▽•” August 2 issue◇=▲…, Malaysian Prime Minister highly evaluation “One Belt” initiative. The article said that Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahartil in Kuala Lumpur☆▪, Malaysia on the 1st△▽. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs▼■☆-, Mahartier emphasizes that “all the way▷●▼” initiative is a major opportunity for regional countries to achieve joint development prosperity★■◆, and the Maji will actively support and participate in the construction of “all the way”…•◇. Wang Yi said that Mr. Prime Minister is a good friend of the Chinese people, old friends, China is willing to work together with the horse, open up a new bright future of Zhongma relations. According to Malaysian National News Agency○▷, talks continue to be★■▲◆. leotards in bulkwhite bomber jacket wholesale – tidyosalshirts camo t-shirt custom breathable fleece jacket wholesale,