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[step for fitness]Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 28th IT: Big Data and Fire Rescue Depth Integration “Future Warrior◇•☆■”☆…? Author Yuan Chao “Come and see! The number will come to a group of future warrior◆•◆.” On May 28th, three firefighters worn as “future warriors” in the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo. Their novel equipment has attracted a large number of “fans” to take out the phone and record. Hanging the body outside the bone, waist and fire fighting bomb … These three “future warriors” is a rapid response team member of Guiyang Fire Rescue Detachment. If several exchanges have a burst, they will arrive at the scene to be disposed in the first time. The picture shows the firefighter wear a ★▽=”eagle eye” equipment★■□. denim jackets cheap online■■•○ custom puffer parka jackets manufacturer – silkyfjket gym.leggings, miami wholesale clothing!

Original title•◆▽□: These two words◁…▼●, there is a real force from the doll to the elderly from the job to the country from the country to the city from the individual to the national reform, there is a real force in the four-year reform and opening up to make Chinas face is a new five years The comprehensive deepening reform allows people to live more beautiful to deepen the reform classification of party and national institutions to promote talented evaluation mechanism reform to implement rural revitalization strategy to strengthen intellectual property trial sector reform ◆☆◆.▼▲…◁.. The reform has brought the reform of market vitality, bringing innovative power reform to improve peoples livelihood There is a reform of the reform•▷▼▪, and the people who have become the people have obtained from programs to reality☆☆▼. It is not abstract drawing but the specific and fresh changes in the people of Minshen.

The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center will hold a reporter meeting at the Multi-Film Multi-Film on Madu (Thursday) on March 8th▷●, inviting the Minister of Foreign Affairs☆□◁, and the ○○…▽”Chinas foreign policy and external relations” answer ” Chinese and foreign reporters ask questions★●. All Chinese and foreign reporters who welcome interview meetings participate. The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center March 6◁△■, 2018 Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▲○: Zhang Jian=◁.