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[classy bomber jackets]Original title: Gonglin Committee talked about variety show consumption actors: Participants must touch their conscience to be a member of the Art National Committee of China, and the famous small product actors will enter Tiananmen Square. China Youth Network reporter Lu Guanqiong photo China Youth Network Beijing March 3 On the afternoon of the 3rd This year▷◆●●, his proposal is related to the promotion of the network and the positive energy of the film. “Variety show consumption actors=▪●■” asked and controversial○=-, Gonglin said, this is two questions. “One is someone wants to consume…★=, one is consumption○▲•□.☆○” He emphasized■◆☆, •●▽”participants still have to touch conscience to do art, deep plowing is cultural▽•, stick to moral bottom line▲▪, can not bow to money☆○…▷!

Original title: German “China City”: Duisburg has become China-euantan direct to Europes portal to Europe, Shandong Weihai Port, Direct to Duisburg, Germany, the class●◆=▼, the class is 11•□,000 kilometers per week, full of 11=△■◁,000 kilometers. Do not restructive, do not re-restructure, no unloading•••, is the first ○▼”point-to-point” in Shandong Province. Image Source□▷◆: Xinhua News Agency China Daily Network August 3 At most time in the 20th century, Duisburg is a German industrial city filled with steel and coal▽▪, and its towering chimney will cover the sky in the haze. in. However, Ruhr Valley•▲●, which is contaminated by the drum, which seems to be slowly discovering the value of the world. According to the British “Guardian” report on August 1, Duisburg has the worlds large?

Original title: US Trade Policy Representative LeTheze○◆•: China and the United States hope A 60-day window period will be given before the entry into force of Chinas commodity tariffs, or before June this year or will not undertake tariffs. When asked whether China and the United States may avoid tariff conflicts through negotiations★…◆, Wright Sizawei said•◆▼: “I think this has hope.■-…▷” He also said that China and US trade relations ◆•○▷”will bring a good place” will need a few Year time◆=-=. In the interview▲★-, LeTheze said that the total amount of the total amount of more than $ 50 billion will include most high-tech products■◆★. He said that these items will be selected by the computer algorithm, aimed at maxim.

Original title: pay attention high quality sweatshirt fabric! The central bank shot, the WeChat scan code pays the limit bulk t shirt suppliers! Flower money every day in the future•=. Today☆=, using WeChat, Alipay scan code payment has become a normal life. However do you know? Use WeChat, Alipay, etc▲△. Application scan code will formally ushered in the limit. A few days ago, the Peoples Bank released the “Notice of the Peoples Bank of China•…-” (Yinfa [2017] No. 296), supporting the “Barcode Payment Safety Technical Specifications (Trial)” and “Barcode Payment Acceptance Terminal Technical Specifications (Trial)☆◁▼…” Dash [2017] No…★▲. 242 was released, since April 1, 2018. The new rules are paid for the barcode: “Rules”: If you use static scan code, the same customer bank or payment mechanism is single d.compression suit for women – bathing suit vendors wholesale hoodies,