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[can you deflate an exercise ball]Original title: National Post Office▽▷◁△: In February, the effective express complaints 13432 pieces involved 43 enterprises Peoples Network Beijing on March 21 (Reporter Sun Bo Yang) On the 21st, the State Post Bureau released the postal consumer complaint in February 2018. The situation shows that in February=•★■, the State Post Bureau and provincial (districts, municipal) Postal Administration passed the “12305…▽” postal industry consumer complaints and complaints, including 183,258 pieces of consumers, including 174055 pieces of express service issues□□=, accounting for total 95.0% of the number of appeals. The State Post Bureau issued the situation showed that in February 2018◇…▽…, the State Post Bureau and the provincial (district, municipal) Postal Administration adopted the “12305” postal industry consumer complaints and complaints website to accept consumers. 183.

Original title: [Solutions] One article reads the reason for the merger of the national tax land tax yesterday, the State Councils institutional reform is released△•◆, formally brought to the National Peoples Congress to consider approval. The amount of information on the entire report is very large◁☆=, and there are many highlights. One of this▪◁○, one of the topics of discussion is the “Reforming National Tax Tax Protection System●◇”☆▼•▽. The document is written: the provincial and provincial-level national tax limits are merged, and the responsibilities such as taxes◇◆, non-taxes and regulations in the area are undertaken. After the merger of the National Tax Tax System, the State Administration of Taxation is the main and the provincial (district▷=▪, municipal) peoples governments double leadership management system○◆. Country•-, local tax merger◁★▲▪, to tell the truth□▲•, is an old topic discussed for many years•=▽◇, and all opinions have. Then▽◁•, how should we look at it after this State Council officially put forward the reform plan?

Original title: All is good news! State Council @ 你, these 7 people live a big event with you “May 1” leggings manufacturer usa□■▼…! The peoples livelihood of the State Council with you “May 1”. 1 minus decrease tshirt from china! The State Council decided to launch seven tax cuts■● blue and yellow varsity jacket.! Prime Minister Li Keqiang, presided over on April 25, presided over the State Council executive meeting and decided to launch seven tax cuts to support entrepreneurial innovation and small micro enterprise development. First★△•-, enterprises who will enjoy the discount of discounts before the one-time tax, the value of the equipment unit is increased from 1 million yuan to 5 million yuan◁★. Second=▽▲, the small micro enterprise will increase the amount of tax payment of the tax payment of the income tax preferential policy▲•, from 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan•☆. The third is to cancel the companys entrustment of overseas research and development costs shall not add deduction limit. Fourth, high-tech enterprises a▷▷ wholesale running t shirts!

Original title…▷■: Ni Qiang☆•●▲, Director of the General Office of Hainan Provincial Peoples Government, Director and Director of the Provincial Department of Hai defense and Port Office, the provincial government directly under the unit-●: Hainan Provincial Peoples Government decided○△: Ni Qiang Ren Huayuan Director of the Peoples Government Office of the Provincial Peoples Government And the director of the Provincial Department of Hai defense and Port; Lin Guangqiang Director of the Provincial Copyright Bureau; Bao Hongxie is the Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Finance■★▼, the director of the Provincial Agricultural Development Office; the regular seal is a deputy department of the Provincial Science and Technology Department Director of the Director (the Office of the Office), is eliminated by the deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department•◇○, the alarms for the Ministry of Public Security; Zhang Zhenhua is a deputy director of the Provincial Department of Taxation (the main hall level)…•△☆; Zheng Feng is the director of the Administrative Service Center of the Provincial Peoples Government, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Peoples Government; Sihai Yingye, deputy secretary general of the Provincial Peoples Governmen.