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[royal clothes]Original title: Monitoring system reform, the governments work report has a ▼▷◇”administrative supervision▲★★○” Zhongqing Online Beijing March 5 (China Youth Daily■○▪◇, Zhongqing Online Reporter Lu Yigjie Wang Yijun) Compared with the past four years▼…◁, this years government work report In referring to the new years work requirements●▼•◁, I did not mention ▪●★○”Strengthening Administrative Supervision◇–” for the first time◆●. The only ☆☆”Strengthening Administrative Operations” in the report will only review the part of the past five years. This is or related to the ongoing national inspection system reform•△•. In November 2016▲▪, Beijing, Shanxi, Zhejiang, China, China, set up the supervision committees, pilot national monitoring system reform…▲△. In November 2017, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress passed the decision of the pilot work of the national monitoring system throughout the country◆▲, after three days▷▪◁, the Monitoring Law of the Peoples Republic of China (Draft)△☆•.

Original title: [Square circle] Hui eye knowledge hero, praise “You guard the country, I am guarding you•△▪.” The female star Zhang Xinyu announced his marriage news in the personal Weibo on August 5◁•▽▪, becoming a glorious Military, he was hot by netizens. Zhang Xin gives her husband He Jie is a counter-terrorist elite from the armed police force. The comment of the comrades is “Lingnan has a tiger, and the enemy will be sought.” In everyones impression, marrying the soldiers is a very courageous thing. Why will Zhang Xinyan choose military people? She gave an answer in Weibo – -▼••”There is only one reason▼□★: marry him▽△…▼, marry love.☆▽◇” “The people of the soldiers are different■◁▪=, the head of the head is the same, the rainy frost” ★◁”Sentence is really••, I also have love•▪◆, I hope that she is” ◁▽▲… the quality of the military◁▼▲☆, is the responsibility▲…○, it ◇☆▼?

Original title: The 81st Group 81 Yongxiang Ma will serve as the deputy director of the retired military Affairs, todays “military representative”, the military representative of the retired military affairs◆☆, welcomed the deputy minister: Army No●◁◁◇. 81 The military and political council Yongxiang Yongxiang will. The deputy director is Fujian☆-…, born in August 1966, who has been working in the original 31st group army, the first group army, etc▲★.■-○△, the grassroots experience and experience are very rich. Fang Yongxiang is willing to this news•▷…●, no matter whether it is dedicated to the military, it is exciting. “When the soldiers are more understanding, they are the biggest language of the soldiers△★, and they will be more demons and veterans.” I remember that when the Detailed Military Affairs Department was established, many retired soldiers expect future retired military affairs department to have more knowledge troop.

Original title: The opportunity is coming-▼▪★! Won the ▪-◆△”small town youth” to get the world? In the market, this market is going to break workouts gym el salvador-• gym clothing manufacturers – cheap varsity jackets. waterproof jacket manufacturers long windbreaker mens! In the past year, the real estate continued regulation and the sharp rise in raw material prices have caused the overall home appliance industry to continue to be relatively low. But under the overall situation of the home appliance market last year△-◇, the kitchen and electricity sector still lives “good days-△◁◆.” Home appliance listed companys performance differentiation is a major winner WIND information, and this year◇•▲-, the household appliance plate has fallen by 1.56% this year□▷○▪, and the household appliance sector is placed. Lin Yuyu△◇■, chief analyst of CITIC Jiandou Securities, said that this time the entire home appliance sector is relatively weak, it is the entire TMT (Technology, Media, Communication)▼◆□●. Including small and small creation, who.

Original title□■: The auxiliary police who often take the can tea and the villagers have left those days▷◇■, the villagers in Dragun, Jinshan Village continuously in the sitch of the mountain road, but no one has found Wang Yongliang=◇▪▷. Wang Yongliangs memorial scene■-▽. Image from INTOMMENT New Beijing News reporter Qin Guan July 28th, is the funeral of Wang Yongliang. In the past, Wang Yongliang was auxiliary police in the Pai Pao Town, Yinchuan West=•▷, China△◆◇-. On the evening of July 22, Yinchuan City Helan Shandong has encountered many rare rainstorms•△-, and the roll of the mountain road. The mountains near Su Yugou, many people suffered mountain floods. After receiving the police mission of the Public Security Bureau Command Center, Zheng Jianwei, police station in the town of Zhenbei Pao Town▷-▷•, led the auxiliary police, Wang Yongliang▼◇-, immediately went to the mountain, and rushed to the land to carry out rescue★□•. However, in the following hours, they open☆=▽.