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sleek black jacket custom clothing vendors wholesale mens sportswear,[windbreaker set wholesale]Original title: 2018 National Council Member Feng Xiaogang: Calling for an increase in the support of young director (Reporter Zhang Wei) at the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference today (March 6), The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference◆-…★, the director Feng Xiaogang, said that the lack of hot and young director talents in the movie market has a huge contrast△◇, calling on the National Press and Public Application Radio, Film and Television Film Bureau to take more funds from the annual film special fund, and cultivate the youth director More support▽◆. Feng Xiaogang analyzed that the current movie market is very hot. When he took …●■”Party B” in 1997, the Chinese annual box office was only 800 million yuan, and in 2017=○, the National Film Box Office was close to 60 billion yuan△◁▽•. In contrast, it is the lack of youth director talents. This is also current mov.

Original title: Specialize the Chinese▲…▲▪, Frances □▷●▽”breakfast robber” flies in Frances security issues have been repeatedly ill, and the police successfully arrested a group of “breakfast robots” to pick Chinese tourists. According to the 19th, the “Paris” is reported on the 19th•★◁□. After several months of investigation and preparation, a robbery gang in the big Paris region has finally been in Seine – Santanen Ni Province◆-. However•▲▲□, the police estimate that there are suspects, and the case is not completely over▲○△☆. According to the report-…, the gang of the arrested network consists of three South African young men. They will usually drive four Chinese tour groups, as if they are also “travel”, actually track them◁…◆, and know which hotels in Chinese tourists know. Then they choose to enter the hotel at breakfast time▷△•, and have a robbery. The police sa.

The 6 million people involved in the case of the second-generation sales jade have also have the “crisis public▽◁” gang members to identify the identity camouflage, pretending to ▽◆••”rich second generation” to defraud tourists trust, and then sell low-priced inferior jade high prices to tourists. Recently, Songpan police in Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province, in the development of tourism special rectification◇○★■, a fraud gang of low inferior jade tours in Jiuhuan line□●, and the police initially investigated more than 6 million cases. It is incredible that this gang has its own “crisis public relations team”◁▷☆. On May 26th, from Songpan police news, two suspects suspected of fraud have been criminally detained by Songpan police=△○•. “Lecturer●○△●” big hit emotional card sells jade cheating this year, Guangdo=■▽•?

Original title: Shenzhen intends to manage the seafood management legislation=▷▲★: sea area use rights or public auctions allowed to obtain Shenzhen is building a global ocean center city, marine resource development demand continues to grow, and Shenzhen intends to change the model to apply for approval, and establish the mode of use rights. The use of the sea area is open to the system, and there are two intentions in the same sea area with the sea of ​​sea or the auction method. On March 11, the reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Legal Office that in order to strengthen marine environment protection, the rational development and sustainable use of sea resources, expand the urban development space…○◆□, Shenzhen Planning Land Commission (City Oceanic Bureau) has drafted ◁▷◇◇”Shenzhen Special Zone Seaview Management Regulations (Draft for Comment) “(hereinafter referred to as” Ordinance “). Following the Legislative Thinking of the Legislative Thinking of “First Protecti.