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[lydaa leggings]Original title▪△: “The composition on the answer sheet is not what I wrote” 4 Henan parents questioned the childs college entrance examination answer card •▲▼”Take the package” ◆••◇”I now suggest that the relevant departments investigate my daughters composition, who is the name? There is a problem◁▪. “Mr. Su said he has let his daughter have written the contents of the essay and submit it to the agency that investigates the matter. “On the one hand, the handwriting, on the one hand, I check my daughter essay▽▪.” ▲ Mr▽▲=◁. Su Mr. Sus essay topic, and her daughter claimed to be in the examination room. Mr. Su said that someone in the answer sheet imitated her daughters handwriting. Wen Xinyang reporter Duan Rui super intern Qixin Li wants Wang Yanhua editor Skill ► This article is about 3370 words, reading the full text is about 6 minutes to recently…■, a ▲☆…★”four parents question candidat.

Original title: The Minister of Education ★▷▷”Takes Test” Talks about the big class: More people, the mood will definitely be aware of news reporters Zhang Xiling on the 16th, the 13th National Peoples Congress-★•, a meeting•◆, the news center, the Multi-Film, Multi-Film, held a reporter Meeting•○, Minister of Education=◆, Chen Baosheng, “Trying to make every child can enjoy fair and quality education……” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Chen Baosheng, whitened hair, sits on the speech, and the golden sentence is constantly△▷. When a greeting reporter, he said that the new era is a new long prototype of our educated people■•◆-, and the newly taken the test of the question is two questions◁●. A examination is to accelerate the education of education-△=, building a strong education, and do a good job in the peoples satisfaction◇○•▼. This is a one-hearted goal. The second question is to solve the development imbalance faced by good education▷◁•■, inadequate vario.

Graphic•◇•▲: 2018 Government Work Report: These bonuses waiting for you△○▽▷! International Online News: The 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing on the morning of the 5th◇◆○•, and Li Keqiangs “Government Work Report” made by the State Council for consideration=▷. This amount of gold has brought the real “bonus” to the lives of the people. Consumption increases network speed reduction, cancels the traffic “roaming” fee, and the mobile network traffic tariff reduces at least 30% year. The new energy vehicle vehicle purchase tax preferential policy has been extended for three years, and the commutular car restricted policy is fully dismissed. Down-truck, some daily use of consumer goods and other import tariffs. Reduce ticket price of key state-owned scenic spots▼▽▲○. The income government will reduce more than 80 billion yuan for enterprises and individuals, and the market entity will alleviate non-tax burden 3. customized tracksuitssling t shirts – t shirlabel manufacturers wholesale bulk t shirts private label athletic wear,