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[womens fitness shorts]Original title-★□: Russian Fund will carry out non-US dollar transactions with China next year to start overseas network September 12, according to Russian satellite network, 12th, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDID) President Demetriev in the fourth The Eastern Economic Forum said that the fund program began non-US dollar transactions with China in 2019. “The first non-US dollar trading will be carried out early next year▽◆=•. At present◁○, we have reached an agreement with Chinese National Development Banks, which has reached an agreement using RMB settlement.” Dmitryev said●△, “Recently, we have started China Heilongjiang Province is transaction with RMB▼○, which is important for the lack of large-scale non-US dollar trading. “According to Russia early report◇▷★, in 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said th□▷!

Zhongxin•□.com Xiamen May 26 (Yang Qishan Wang Wenjin) After 5 years of preparation and stage art practice●◇●○, Xiamen college first guzheng music group – Jimei University Ancient Music Orchestra Yinjiang Group, Declaration on the 26th Established and held the first performance. Jimei University is a comprehensive university founded by Mr. Chen Jiageng, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader□▼☆▽. The school has always attached great importance to music education○◁△. In 2003□●, the School was founded to establish a guzheng music lesson. In 2016, it is specially set up an ancient peoples orchestra, and its footprints are all over Xiamen and Southeast Asia▪○. Guzheng is one of the Chinese traditional national musical instruments, has been more than 200○◇,000 history. Jiemei University Music Academy Professor Chen Pi.

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei May 28th, I: Wounded☆◁▷, Escape ..○□▲▽. What happened to the zoo in the accident? Xinhua News Agency△☆△•, “China Network” reporter Shui Chen Zhu Qing recently•◇■▲, Anhui, Henan and other places have taken place to bite the feeder incident, let the zoo safety topic becomes a hot point of public opinion□△●. The cage of entertainment and watching○▪, how is it endangered by life and public safety? Frequent escape is animal love freedom or management “fence” broken hole? Run run△▲◇ mens denim jackets near me! Injury and injury oasis manufacturing clothing manufacturers in atlanta athletic clothing manufacturers!! The zoo frequently occurred in three days of three days, 2 zoo animals were killed, which triggered netizens★□. On the morning of May 25, a family of Danjiang Peacock Valley★■, Shangji Town, Sichuan County★●=•, Henan Province was feeding tig…▲•.

Original title○•: 195 people selected the third batch of national ●△○★”10,000 people plan” teaching masters will receive 500,000 funds (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice, announce the third batch of national “10,000 people plan “The teaching teacher is selected◇●, and 195 people are selected. Notice-□•, the central government will provide $ 500,000 special support for each entry-●◆. The 195 teachers selected covers all kinds of schools, including 117 teachers (including ordinary undergraduate colleges, higher vocational colleges)▪◆○◁, accounting for 60.9%★▪▪●; medium or less schools, secondary schools▲●-•, kindergartens★▼, Special education schools, etc-■.) 78 teachers, accounting for 40%. In the age, it is mainly young teacher▪•◆▪, including 26 people under 45 years○▲▼, 46-59 years old, average age ?

Original title□▷△: ●▷□”Two Heights” Introduction to Procuratorial Public Welfare Litigation Seven Months Recovering Direct Economic Loss 8▲□.74 billion yuan □ Our reporter Zhang Wei □ This newspaper reporter Zhang Chen March 2nd, the Supreme Peoples Court★◆, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate jointly held a press release I will release the explanation of several issues of applicable law for procuratorate public interest litigation cases. The Supreme Peoples Court Vice President Jiang Bionguan, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, Zhang Xuezhang☆★△, informing the “Two High” Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation and answered the reporter□•▷. Handling a large number of social concerns June 27, 2017, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress reviewed the decision of the Civil Procedure Law and the Administrative Procedure Law▪•○●, the procuratorate filed a formal establishment of the public welfare litigation system▪△. Subsequently□…☆, this system is fully pushe.