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[ocean pacific bathing suits]Original title frontier US media•★: cooperation in recent 30 years, Russian manned spacefare “Abandoned US Volume▼•” US media said last month▪▲▪▷, Russian national space company began to study a future space exploration business emergency plan. According to informed people, the country will turn cooperation in manned space project from the United States to China. One may be Russia to withdraw from the International Space Station project in advance◁□▽=. The US “Volkswagen Machinery” monthly issued an article on March 8th issue is the article “Russian space sector may be with the United States, and cooperate with China…•◆”, as required…•, Russian experts need to take the plan before March 15th-□□◆. Including the contribution to China Space Station in the future and the idea of ​​landing in Russia and China. ▲ The US ◁○■”Volkswagen Machinery○…” monthly reports screenshot articles said th★=.

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Wei Jianjun) ▷•◇”Foreign people tend to eat natural packaging casings, they like the first mouth to bite the sound of 嘣.=▪★” Lanzhou Yicheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Chen Jiang said that natural casings and meat have adhesion, breathable□-, chewy•◁▷, can be eaten directly, a lot of characteristic casings cannot be replaced. Located in the Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, “Yicheng Biology” is a production export enterprise that runs natural casings. It is the first in Chinas natural casing industry. The company produced domestic •=”sheep salad” conquered Eurasian dining table. ☆■•”The casings is the sausage coat, packaging material◁□?

Original title▼△: Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Deputy Provincial▷▽△, Deputy Mayor “Sponsored” Million Source: Changan Street In recent days, retirement 3 years later, the original deputy mayor Guo Zhixin☆▷○▷, the original deputy mayor of Tieling, was disclosed. Changan Street, Id■-: Capitalnews▪▪•, found that Guo Zhixin has a state-owned asset loss of 1-▽.7 billion yuan in order to improve political achievements and the benefits of 100 million yuan-◆★. He also made a bribe Li Wenko, Secretary of Tieling Municipal Party Committee, helping its bribery deputy provincial level, with a amount of 1.2 million. For the municipal party secretary raised bribery funds Guo Zhi Xin branched in July 1961=…▪☆, Liaoning Province◆…▼, Faku County-•, who has worked for a long time in Tieling City, and promoted the deputy mayor of Tieling in July 2005, in charge of land resources=☆•●, urban and rural construction○▪○, planning□-★, environment Protection, earthquake, civil air defense, new ci.

Original title: The Civil Engineer Contract Code may be a ◇•”private lending△•★” session●-, the representative committees discipline recorded that the current “contract law▪…◁” is more thin, rough, and it is necessary to develop the ▪-•◇”Civil Engineer Contract■▷-◁” opportunity to set up “Folk Borrowing” session. For a long time, by the factors such as social tradition=•, ideological concepts, □…=”folk lending” has been insufficient relative to ▼•○”financial loans••◁◇”, and there is a “gray zone”. But in fact, folk borrowing has a deep social foundation and historical origin in my country. It is increasingly active with its convenience, low threshold=•△, flexible lending, and expensive●…=▷, effectively to mitigate social financing needs★▼◇▷. With the continuous expansion of private lending and the increasingness of problems▷■•-, the private lending disputes have poured into the cour…◇★□.

Original title: Two sessions Hainan Provincial Party Secretary: Never allow any person to speculate on the reporter Zhou Yuan Zhou Zhanzheng reported in Hainan Province in Hainan Province▽■◁☆, in full swing in full swing. In the face of severe situation, Hainan Province took a range of means to rectify the real estate industry▼▲. On the afternoon of March 5☆…▪□, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Hainan delegation held a general meeting-■=☆. Liu Fugui, secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee○■▼, said that Hainan Province attaches great importance to the real estate industry, how much is the island•…▽, how much we build – this history is not returned. Liu Yigui said: ▽▷=”One is to consume a lot of inventory in the real estate, and the other is to block the source. If it is unprofessional○▲▪•, the real estate businessman is not able to build again. We must change the real estate industry (Haina.red and white bomber jacket – pink gym shorts.