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gym wear wholesale suppliers![china shirt manufacturers]Original title△□•: About Hebei Province Womens Prison Criminals Li Shuxian did not have a notification of the situation of preservation and medical conditions, and there was a news that △☆■”the 80-year-old old lady was rejected for two and a half years of medical treatment•□◇.” Hebei Province Prison Administration has paid attention to this matter-◇. After investigation, this report involved in the womens prison in the province=★□•, Li Shuxian, who was prisoner. The criminal Li Shuxian, female, born on December 1, 1934◁●, people in Yingping County, Hebei Province△=. On November 18, 2016•■, he was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of seeking trouble. From November 18•▪, 2016 to March 21, 2016 (which was designated for 114 days, folded against prison 57 day)●•☆. On December 16●…■, 2016, he was sent to Hebei Province Womens Prison to serve. May 23◆▽◇▼, 201□▷◁▪.

Original title-▷△: Liu Aili resigned in the chairman of China Tower, Ji Julis new chairmans China Tower announced that due to work adjustment, Comrade Liu Aili resigned as chairman and directors of China Tower Co., Ltd.. The China Tower held the 17th meeting of the 1st Board of Directors on March 21, 2018▼☆★, elected comrades of Li Ji Lu as chairman. More than three years, under the leadership of the board of directors, the China Tower is unforgettable, remembering the mission, and puts “three benefits (conducive to the achievement of reform results▽□, which is conducive to the overall interests of the three telecommunications companies, which is conducive to the continuous development of China Tower itself) – – Do it, I know, I recognize “as the starting point and the foothold of all work, uphold the concept of sharing development▷★▽, saving industry investment, helping the development of mobile communications, balanced▲◇■, exploration formatio.

Original title◁△□◁: Sichuans new regulations Guided to the tourism toilet-=▼☆: male and womens toilet proportion is no more than 2: 3 Hailuogou Scenic toilet internal facilities◁▲□△. The Xinhua News Agency has issued a pragmatic move to enhance the quality of tourism. The toilet revolution has gradually extended from the scenic spot to the country, from the city to the rural area, from the number of quality-•=, from the closed management to open management, become a tourism basic project=▲-, civilized project , Peoples livelihood projects are generally welcomed by the majority of tourists and the masses. Although the results are quite abundant, there is still a gap between the toilet quality, management services, technology applications, such as toilet civilization compared to rapidly growing tourism development and peoples needs. In order to further enhance the level of service service, the Sichuan Tribute Training Committee announced the △◆”Specifications for the Construction Management Service of Tourism Scenic Area in Sichuan Province▼-” (“Specification”, from the policy level to new constructi.

[Wu Xiaohui case report] March 28◁■◆▪, 2018▪◇★☆, Shanghais first intermediate Peoples Court publicly opened the original director of Anbang Insurance Group Co★▪▽○.▪••▷, Ltd△●▽●. (hereinafter referred to as Anbang Group), the first branch of the Shanghai Peoples Procuratorate. Long, general manager Wu Xiaohuis crime of fund-raising fraud, the crime of duties□…△, and the official Weibo of Sina Weibo will broadcast the trial of the court. Source: Shanghai No. 1 Middle School Editor□-▼: Chu Xiaoh.

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