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[running clothes]Original title: Two will come, Guangdongs representative members pay attention to what environmental protection topics? General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly stated in the 19th National Report◆-●, to accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system and build beautiful China•-★◇. The word …•▪▼”beautiful■★◁” has appeared in the goal of building socialist modern power, and the construction of ecological civilization is mentioned in the new strategic height. When the national two sessions =◁”Characters◆★-” participated in the review, General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly talked about the construction of ecological civilization: “Protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity◆-□, improving the ecological environment is the development of productivity” •-★■”” The environment is peoples livelihood, Qingshan is beautiful■•, blue sky is also Happiness. To protect the ecological environment like protecting your eyes, treat the ecological environment like life “■…▼” Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan “○-▼… Guangdongs representative committee believes that ecological environment is protecte.

Beijing intended to build a barrier-free environment, and the draft proposes to punish the parking space for arbitrarily, and will be punished according to law and can be dragged to the designated location. If you have to reject the certificate, you will have more than 530,000 people in the public place. The number of people with interest over 60 years old is more than 50%, and the demand for accessible environments continues to grow△▪. Yesterday, “Beijing Barrier Environmental Construction Ordinance (Draft) will be accepted at the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of the City. For guide dogs, the Bill specializes: Vision disabled people carry vision-disabled documents and guide dog certificates can carry guide dogs into public places, take public transport, relevant units and individuals must n◁=★☆.

Original title: The country is at the scene The first participation in the national two sessions, Hu Haifeng representatives arrived at 4:50 pm today○■▷☆, the National Peoples Congress, and Hu Haifeng, the Mayor of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province arrived at the National Peoples Convention Center. In the face of ▪▲●”political incident◆▽★•” (WeChat ID: xjbzse) About what suggestions this year△■▲, he smiled: “Still considering.” This is Hu Haifeng for the first time of the National Peoples Congress representative. The official resume shows that Hu Haifeng served as the mayor of Jiaxing in 2016▪=…. Previously, he has served as the Dean of the Tsinghua University of Zhejiang, the Party Committee Secretary★…●◆, Deputy Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, the President of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee; deputy mayor of the Jiaxing Municipal Peoples Government☆•. On February 6☆□, “Zhejiang Daily” published an interview with Hu Haifengs article. Hu Haifeng talks in the artic.exercise equipment manufacturers.