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[purple and yellow varsity jacket]Original title: There have been four provincial management cadres in this year. Source●=•: Dazhou Xinyu WeChat public account Zhou Zhou Li, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, Luo Xiangbin, deputy director of the Guizhou Food and Drug Administration, and Guo Wenzhong, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Guiyang City■▪…△, were investigated. The Search Central Committee Officer can find that during the 2017 National two sessions…•□•, at least 11 provincial tube cadres were found, and there were at least 2 provincial tube cadres in the score of the horse△••▲. In addition…▽☆○, there are also 1 middle and tube cadres who are also sorted after the horse, which is the former secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Zhuhai Municipal Party Committee Li Jia. 2 provincial management cadres in Guizhou have been found on March 9, 2018=○-▷, a.

Recently, the United States or will import 25% of the $ 16 billion in China from China. On August 2…▲◆•, the US announced that the tax rate for Chinas 200 billion US dollars is increased from 10% to 25%. The United States is step by step, and China has to counterattack. On August 3•▲•▲, China decided that it would increase the payment of about $ 60 billion products imported from the United States in accordance with different tax rates in accordance with different tax rates○◆▽-. The United States is indeed strong◇■-, and the struggle is indeed fierce. However□◆-★, there is also shown that the opposition of the White House insisted that the vague waves are getting higher and higher, and the pressure of the United States will be more and more pressure▲▽○☆. At the US Trade Representative Office◆○•, at the hearing of 16 billion Chinese goods…=▪△, 82 representatives from chemical, electronic■•●, photovoltaic and other industries have spo!

Original title: China has not yet moved▽△◁, the US farm call is thrown first, the beans have panic … □▽■”Our local barn (operator) is answering the phone in a afternoon, and the farmers hope to sell their food today-◇.▪▪” Under trade war shadows▷☆▼, the panic American bean farmers helplessly revealed their situation■•. On the 22nd of local time, Trump opened nearly 60 billion US dollars in China, and the long-lasting China-US trade war is on the verge▼■▽. But I didnt expect that this remembering the tariff “great” to China○▽□, but he smashed his own people. In the United States, from the science and technology world to the agriculture of the garment industry□▽■▽, from the analyst to the farmer, the opposition is endless. American media analysis said that Trumps tariff policy actually affects its own voters▷==. And in the current situation, he once said ▲◇▽■”can easily pl=●. bulk athletic apparel bulk activewear.

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