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[apparel manufacturers near me]Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Chunliang: Mo let the □•◇”high price color■●=○” make farmers “Because of marriage▲•◆△” cover news reporter Zhang Lu Yan “, the more poor◁☆△▼, the more high price, the house, the car, etc.”, the National Peoples Congress On behalf of the Chunliang○◁=▷, it was the party secretary of the Zhangcun Community Party, Zhangcun Township△▪…☆, Huixian City, Xinxiang City, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. In his observation□▼, in recent years□•, the phenomenon of “high-priced gift” in the countryside has not been rare…◆◇△. This year•○…, the national two sessions, and he puts forward the recommendations of the “high-priced color gift” issue of rural areas, pointing out to the phenomenon of “high-priced gift=▪•” should be contained from the improvement of rural pension security systems, public opinion guidance, etc. In the grassroots work ten years, Yan Chun is discovered that with the development of economic society, the colorful ceremony has risen high, the more poor▪•, the more you want to ○△◇”high price○◁”. “For some poor areas, !

Original title: Let the Chinese high-speed rail lead the worlds high son, big face, talk about womens delicate and atmosphere – her name is Liang Jianying (the picture above, the information) General engineer. As the only female engineer in my countrys high-speed rail equipment industry, she hosted the CRH380A developed, creating the highest speed of the world railway operation test of 486.1 kilometers speed□□. From the “Harmony” of the speed of 200 kilometers, the “revival number” in the speed of 350 kilometers will come to the leader, and she leads the team to create a bright country business card. You must make yourself a giant to Chinas high-speed EMU•■□…. It is a way to introduce digestion and then innovate. □◁”The product can be bought, but the ability of technological innovation cant buy. Origin.

Original title: European representatives: Prevent dye industry pollution “big transfer-•” This reporter Li He printing and dye production pollution is serious, and my country has a large-scale shutdown in printing and dyeing enterprises●-•. Ou, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co▼=.○◆□■, Ltd▪☆▲◁. Technology Center■◇■▼, said with environmental law enforcement, some “industrial transfer” in the dye industry without technology, self-east★▽, from north Since the city, townships and rural areas and rural areas○▲. “Some areas are attractive in the” regional environmental emissions ■▷☆”, which is attractive, and it has undertaken from the heavy pollution chemical enterprises that have been eliminated from the more developed regions●-▽▼. The environmental pollution incidents from industrial transfer are continuously erupted•☆▷. Tenggerry desert pollution case-▲★, before being exposed, the south edge of Tenggerry desert is concentrated in the middle of the dy wholesale athletic clothing distributors lightweight puffer vest custom – burnoushirt wholesale bathing suits usa, oem pullover hoodies sweats shirts!