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[leggins depot]Original title: Cultural and Tourism Minister 雒 雒: Develop a “three-way●▲” program, establish a working mechanism on March 20, Culture and Tourism Department Cadre Conference held in Beijing■▽•-. Deputy Director of the Deputy Minister of the Central Organization•▷◆, Deputy Director of the Standing Department of the Central Propaganda Department◁○□, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Central Policy Research Office◇▷, Party Secretary▲◆…•, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Secretary of the Party Group, deputy director Li Jin early attended the meeting and speaking. Li Qun=▪●, Xiang Zhaolun, a member of the Culture and Tourism Leaders, Single Xiang, Liu Yuzhu, Chi Yun, Zhang Xu, Dujiang=-◇, Li Shihong, Wang Xiaofeng, Yu Qun◆★◆, Wei Hongtao attended the meeting☆◇. Zhou Zuyi announced the decision on the appointment of the leadership team of the Culture and Tourism Department and made an important speech on the implementation of good central decision-making deployment. Wang Xiaohui made a clear requirement for further strengthening the construction of cultural and touris.

Original title: The first two giants of the central enterprises have merged, the leadership team debut: Changan Street Introduce, the first two giants of the national-owned committee of the State-owned Commission, the Nuclear and Nuclear Construction announced the merger★◇★, and restructuring is a new Nuclear Group. However=△☆□, the new leadership team did not appear together, time for half a year. Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) notes that the answer is finally announced yesterday: the general manager of the China Nuclear Player Yu Jianfeng Ren Xin Group Chairman●▽●, the general manager of the China Nuclear Construction, Wang Shoujun▪=▷▼, the general manager of the China Nuclear, Wang Shoujun. From left to right: Gu Jun△□●●, Wang Shoujun△▪●, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision, Hao Peng◆◇☆, the deputy director of the Ministry of China, and Yu Jianfeng friends know that large-scale central enterprises have two “people◆◁”. In recent years◇□, central companies come togeth■▽△▽.

Original title: Keep General Secretary to promote Jinggangshan spirit to take a new era “Long Zun Road” as a good new era “Key Secretary•■” General Secretary Xi Jinping◇•■★, the important requirements of the general secretary of Xi Fei, March 24 to 25, province Secretary and Governor Liu Qi came to Jinggangshan research★◁•. He emphasizes that in the new era, the most fundamental work of Jiangxi is to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinpings new era▪☆◁, keep in mind the general secretary to adhere to the initial heart. Follow the general secretary to pay attention to the general secretary to revolution The red sincereity of the old district is transformed into struggle, and the general secretary is transformed into the vivid practice of the important requirements of Jiangxi. It vigorously promotes the spirit of Jinggangshan, and in depth•△◆, the partys 19th National Congress and the national two sessions. “Long Zun Road◇▼▲△”•☆◁▪, when n.