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[us wholesale clothing]Xinhua News Agency▷■-◆, Yinchuan May 28 (Reporter Aifi) In recent years, the incident of parents chased difficult incidents in foreign training institutions have occurred from time to time▽△◆◆. To this end●★▽, the four sectors of the Yinchuan Education Bureau, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, jointly introduced new regulations, usually regulate the prepaid funds of the citys school training institutions to regulate their school and fees, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of students▲-◁■. According to the “Yinchuan City School Training Institution Fund Supervision (Interim)”, all banks with regulatory capabilities can apply to the municipal education administrative department, after reviewing the departments of municipal education☆□, civil affairs=▽, market supervision△★, financial work and other departments, Under the publication of society•◁◇. Training institutions can choose revie.

Original title: “Textbook Lao Lai” daughter asked the Real Estate Court to ruling Source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Dong) Tangshan □○△=”Teacher Book Lai Lai○▷…△” has new progress▪★◇. Previously, the perpetrators Huang Shufen daughter Liu Mingyue, filed an objection to the objection, requiring universities■▪•○. Recently▷▽••, because Liu Mingyue did not accept the pre-deputy account acceptance fee in the regulations, the court ruled to withdraw processing according to Liu Mingyue. On the evening of January 13, 2018, Zhao Yong, the victim of the “textbook”, and announced the notice of the civil prosecution acceptance of the court. The notice showed that the court accepted △▷☆□”Liu Ming Yues v. You and the third person to perform an obstacle case.” Zhao Yong told the Legal Evening News · View Journalists, the content of the complaint shows that the property of the Liu Mingyue is funded by Li!

Original title…▪◁•: Airborne Guangdong●=-△, Fu Hua, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Recently, the central government approval: Comrade Fu Hua served as a member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and the Standing Committee. The Provincial Party Committee decided□○▽: Comrade Fu Hua is a minister of propaganda department of the provincial party committee•…. Fu Hua, male•▽, born in August 1964, the previous editor-in-chief of the Economic Daily News△▷▼◇; the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, the Minister of Protection, the Ministry of Protection, is currently the head of the Central Radio and TV, the party secretary. Fu Huas merchant Fuhua••■▲, male, Han nationality▷◇☆□, born in August 1964, Jiangsu Ruyi Dongren○□◁-, Joined the Communist Party of China in December 1993▼=, July 1985 participated in the work▪▲◇◁, Renmin University of China Marxist College◇▪, graduated from the Communist Party of China◁-, Postgraduate degree, Ph.D.. He has served as director of the Secretary of China (Deputy Division); Domestic Trade Department China Commercial News Information Departme-….

China News Agency, May 26◆▼•○, US General Motors and Lockheed Martin announced in a joint statement on a joint statement on the 26th that will develop a new type for NASA (NASA) ▪▪•○”Actims…•▪” Manned moon car. According to the US Consumer News and Commercial Channel, this statement said that the two companies will cooperate in 10 years to develop such a non-pressure-carrying moon, let the Astronauts planned by the Alta Misans in the face of the moon. Move, span farther distance●◆◇. The declaration said that the general car will provide battery technology. It is reported that in July 2020△…▽, NASA officially established a moon vehicle project office in Johnson spaceflight in Housto…▷.

Original title: Shandong Provincial Press and Publication and Television Bureau•●●: According to law◇-, the Prospectus is on April 27th, the Shandong Provincial Press and Publication and Television Bureau issued a notice on logging out the “Medical” quasi-printed certificate according to law☆▷▷. Regarding the Warning of the Medical Association of “Medical Community”, the Search of the Convention: The Quality Inspection of Continuous Internal Data Publications in the province ends recently. Your unit printing continuity internal information publication “Medical Community◇◆▷○” [(Lu) 0010091] The third item of the BNIT No. 2) Article 15 ▼▪◆▲”Do not charge any fees, membership fees, version fees, service fees△••▲, etc.◇■=”, the second item “strictly limited in the industry, this system=-, this system Interior of the un. chinese t shirt printing exercise ball material.

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