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[oasis trench coat]Original title◇▲: Thai media said Chengdu Yue Rise Innovation Center became a regional urban development model of Regional City, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone◁…◆, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone○◇★•, Chengdu Tianfu New District, Chengdu Tianfu New District, Chengdu Science City Building. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin photo news network March 27 Thai media said that the Chengdu◁…▷, Sichuan Province, Chengdu is playing role, breaking all technology-related things appearing in the eastern coastal region of China. According to the Thai “National Report△…” website▲△, most of Chinas wealth, industrial, and energetic cities and innovation centers are located in the east of the country. However☆△★, the fierce competition for entrepreneurs at home and abroad is making many regional cities to overerepere☆◇. According to reports•…, Chengdu is in the middle of Chinas 17-city double-found index ranking fourth, this index !

Original title: The Ministry of Public Security has a new day before, and the official website of the Public Security Department is updated. Among them…□◆◁, two deputy ministers▼▪★, Xi Tonglu and Sun Lijun▽•, the two-person leadership team members of the team 8 and 10th place. The resume shows that Xu Ganlu is currently the party committee, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Secretary of the Party Secretary and Secretary of the National Immigration Administration; Sun Lijun is currently the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, and the deputy director of the Secretary for 26th Bureau, Hong Kong◁□◇○, Macao and Taiwan Office Director. Xu Ganlu was born in January 1962, which is Xiamen★▽▷, Fujian Province, in-service graduate degree, deputy chief police supervision, Jedely in September 1982, joined the Communist Party of China and participated in the work in December 1979. He has been working in Xiamen in the early years•●•▲. He served as deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau, secretary of Huli District Committee in Xiamen City☆□☆. Since 1994, Xu Ganlou has been visiti.

Original title: CPPCC, Huo Weiping…=◁: It is recommended to implement “Nanshui North Running West Line Project■▪■▽” to implement the southern water and north-rising West Line project not only improve the ecological environment of Gansu•▼=•, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia○-, etc. Poverty poverty management, and can improve the infrastructure conditions such as traffic▽▷•▼, energy, communications along the line, and promote the construction of and all the way•□. “Huo Weiping Committee recommended to implement◁△” Nanshi North Running West Line Engineering “as soon as possible▪☆. Member of Huo Wei Ping said that the east and mid-water transfer projects in my country□●, “South Water North Tour△○▲◁” planned=●○…, and it has been completed and put into operation, which greatly promotes the rapid development of economic and social in Beijing, Tianjin and the water. The ecological location in the northwest is important. If the Tongtian River is transferred into the Yellow River•△○, then part of the introduction of the Hexi corridor can be reduc.

Original title: The provincial government appoints 34 leading cadres recently, the provincial government appoints 34 hall-level leading cadres. Among the 26 people of the new appointment, Zhao Xincong and other 24 trial period were officially appointed. Provincial government appointed: Zhao Xinyong is the general engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission; Liu Baoping is the total accountant of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education△▼▲; Cui Yuemin is the general engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology▲★▪◆; Wang Yong◁▼◁, Guo Xinan, Dong Wei, Dong Yao is the Provincial Public Security Department Deputy Hall-level scout▪▪○▼; Qifeng is the director of the Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Army Transmissions Cadres, Xu Li is the director of the Shaanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau○▼□; Li Hongjun, Zou Manxu is the deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Government○◆; the army is Shaanxi Vice Partyer of Radio and Television=-…•; Cao Jianj? dye sublimation shirts wholesalecustom fitness clothing manufacturers custom tracksuit wool sweater suppliers,