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[kids flannel jacket]Original title: Shanxi▲●•☆: All-in-one◇▽, cross-provincial ID card is fully accepted, and the reporter Sun Liangquan, Hu Jinguo) reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, from April 1st, all household registration police station in Shanxi Province Comprehensively carried out a cross-provincial resident ID card. According to the ▷☆◇□”Notice on the” Regional Acceptance Work in the Provincial Public Security Police Station “○•◇, the public security organs of the Shanxi province will set up a job, formulate specific work programs, clear timetable and roadmaps, and ensure All household registration police stations start the cross-provincial resident ID card in different places. At the same time▲▪, organize business and technical training◆•○□, guiding the grassroots units and the police to accurately grasp the specific requirements of cross-provincial resident ID cards, and proficient in technical processes. In addition, noti◆▼….

China News Network May 27○=□△, the newsletter of the Ministry of Electronics, Sun Wenjian said on the 27th that the special rectification operations at all levels of transportation law enforcement are accelerated and implemented at all levels of transportation departments. To organize comprehensive touch○◆, clean up the fines of transportation system, find out the base◁-, classification statistics, and clean up and govern the penalty from the source. The Ministry of Transport held in May on the 27th, there is a reporter question, and the recent transportation department has deployed special rectification activities in the field of transportation law enforcement, what is the current progress? Sun Wenjian said that special rectification actions in the field of transportation law enforcement are the current in the transportation departmen●•☆▲.

Original title☆•●■: The procuratorial organs have filed Xu Lianxin according to law•○•…, respectively, in accordance with the law○◆▽, Shandong procuratorate, according to law-=•, reported to Xu Lianxin, recently▲•☆, Xu Lianxin (deputy department-level)▪●, member of the original party group member of the Weihai Municipal Government, is suspected of accepting bribes★▽, abusing the crime of power, and is Shandong The Provincial Peoples Procuratorate designated jurisdiction, and the Zibo Municipal Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to the Intermediate Peoples Court of Zibo City. The procuratorate invested the defendant Xu Lianxins litigation rights in the review of the prosecution▼★, and reported the defendant Xu Lianxin and listened to his opinion△▲△. Zibo Municipal Peoples Procuratorate India Concurrent: From 2007 to 2018, Xu Lianxin used the deputy secretary general of the Weihai Municipal Government▷☆▲, the Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Weihai Industrial New District▷■…, director of the management committee▲★□, the member of the Weihai Municipal Government, and the deputy mayor■▽•. Seek for othe.